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Second time having to OSRS gold type this post, because my damn netbook mouse created me accidentally delete my post. Located in Barbarian village and a small south of Edgeville respectively, they give 10K and an EXP lamp or two.

Next, chief PK'ing and money earning. First of all, the account you're taking a look at making right now is what is called a'MAIN' (but not normally in caps:o ) which usually means you train all of the skills, and just generally try to max out. PK'ing as a primary is not hard, and DOESN'T TAKE SPECIFIC SKILL REQS, UNLESS YOU MADE A PVM ACCOUNT. (PvM, incidentally, means Player versus Monster, therefore an account chiefly made for killing creatures ) Anyhow, what I mean, is that PvP for recharging is quite easy.

Just make sure your strength is obviously higher then your attack/defense by about 5-10 levels, have vengeance and chaos. I am aware that these are a lot of member's phrases - and really, I would kind of recommend ignoring my advice until you actually hit around 120 CB and you know what'Vengeance' and'Turmoil' are. (You PvP lurkers - feel free to fire me, because I see it coming. I ready myself by bringing a bucket of water.)

Next, monkey creating - to be honest, a lot of how most of Sal's members left their money is obsolete, or, necessitating high stats. A couple of things that I'm fairly sure are still comparatively solid - original, your pottery item should make around 50K a hour, which is fantastic for buy RuneScape gold your levels (fun tip - I did not have more then 100K until I was level 63. Thus, before you feel you're bad - believe about bankrupt ol' me, some years ago ).

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