Or should I abandon it and try something new with iron guy? from Dingbest's blog

With Defence resets, double XP weekend, and the ironman mode all coming up, I am unsure what I really want to RuneScape gold do with this account. I have a goal for untrim slay and that's still going, but what to do after that? Can I truly want to max out a second account? That is the path I seem to be heading toward but I'm not sure if that's a good idea.

Or should I abandon it and try something new with iron guy? This accounts was never properly constructed for a pure, but my combat stats do follow a specific plan.With 90 Attack, I am able to wield the highest tier firearms, and 42 Str provides me access into the Berserk ability. Due to how combat is figured now, the battle levels I get from melee are equal to having just level 66 Mage or Range.

However, strength is rather a bit more important since the launch of"Combat Improvements" and that I could have trouble landing KOs, which I found when I was practicing pvp against Leo. 50 Defence provides me access to the cheapest Electricity armour, which is Rockshell/Spined/Skeletal. 67 Summoning is for a Tortoise however that I never have a use for it.Another thing that I do not like is the addition of"lodestones." Now, when you cast the Home spell, then you can choose that lodestone to respawn at. I spent a year building up my magical experience so I can teleport to far out areas. Now, a n00b teleport freely around RS with barely any magical encounter. These lodestones allow you to teleport more places than high level teleport spells enable you to. That's a BIG imbalance, IMO!

Hi Ak, There is several different places you may use your cannon and SOMETIMES you may make profit. 1. Fire Giants is a good spot to buy OSRS gold cannon as they can drop Rune 2 Handers, Rune Scimitars and items in the Ring of Wealth dining table. Prerequisites are: The Waterfall Quest. 2. Dagganoth is also a good area however these critters will probably destroy you because the Rock Crabs are demolishing you. However the requirements are: Horror in the Deep.

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